Friday, May 1, 2009

This & That

I am beyond busy today but I wanted to throw some pictures up before I get too far behind. By the way, there was a discussion on the Jane Austen Stitching group about What makes a good Blog. I just wanted to apologize to anyone in advance that my Blog will never be "good". I have never enjoyed journaling, for confirmation you could poll all my school teachers. While I might say I am a fairly good writer, when push comes to shove, I have never had an affinity for writing. In a sense I am just doing this mainly for myself, to keep some sort of record of what I have done but also to share some photos with those that may have some interest in seeing them.

Wow, back on path I need to go. Here is some of the recent things I've worked on: 'Full of Hope' pinkeep (above) from Mary-Kathryn at . For this I finally learned how to do a blind stitch. A pretty basic sewing stitch, I know, but new to me ;)

I recently framed 'Mansfield Park' by The Sampler Girl. I found a wonderful frame for ten dollars but once again I have yet to develop ace framing skills. The bottom is stretching a little to the right and I have since fixed it a bit. I will most likely continue to frame my own pieces, I just cannot justify spending the money to professionally do it. I only need to get better at it but also learn to accept that it is not going to be "perfect".

Finally I have a couple larger projects that I have finished some portion of. On the left is the Papillon 'Castles' SAL. This project will last for two years. I am actually nearing completion on part 2 but no pics yet. On the right is the "border" for 'The Wrong Side of the Tracks' by Raise the Roof. I am using a hand painted Aida fabric from Enchanted Fabrics. This is part 1 of 4.


Gabi said...

Where is it written that a blog has to be "perfect"? Your blog is nice and I like to read it.
Lovely pinkeep. You did a great job with framing. Looking forward to see more of your wip's

Tanya said...

Mansfield Park looks great and what an awesome price for a frame. Woo hoo!

Tanya :)

Nancy said...

Your pinkeep looks great! You have been busy lately. Look at all the great things you have done! Nice framing job. I don't mind framing myself...I just can't cut mats and I love mats! Are you doing the specialty version of the SAL and what color version are you doing?

Tracey said...

Lovely finish and your framing is fine! :) I need to add you to my blogroll. :)

Cynthia ( Cynimin) said...

I'm with you on the writing aspect, I 'write' through my stitching. Your Papillon SAL is beautiful so far!

nutmegg said...

Hi, i find that framimg is way to expensive, so I go to garage sales etc. and then my DH who is handy to have around frames my cross-stitch for me...I like your blog..

Chrizette said...

I agree - blogs are for keeping records of our life. It should be more about your enjoyment of it than what other think. :)

Welcome to Friendly Stitchers!


Barb said...

I have just found you (via JA) and I will now bookmark you .
OH LOVE Mansfield Park now I shall have to go order that one lol. Hope it is still available.
You have done some super work there,keep sharing.
Brilliant framing too.
Nice to meet you