Sunday, June 1, 2008

A True Beginner!

I have long had an interest in "making stuff". I took many art and design classes in High School and while I would never say I was the most talented kid in my school, I certainly enjoyed doing a variety of artistic and craft projects. Then college, work, marriage, and kids kind of got in the way. My artistic outlets became making clip art signs at work when one of the bathrooms went out of order or making faces with ketchup on my daughter's hamburger.

So why did I decide to take up cross stitch? Hmm, well I am a Jane Austen fanatic and one day I was browsing through the online gift shop for the Jane Austen Center in Bath, U.K. ( They offer a selection of cross stitch kits and when I saw them I immediately thought it would be cool to try some out. One little problem: I had never stitched a stitch in my life! I decided it was better to start simple. So I ordered a kit aimed at eight-year-olds.

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